Dr Graham Marshall

Dr Graham Marshall

Graham’s early career was as an agricultural and resource economist with the New South Wales Department of Agriculture, mainly working on natural resource issues (eg, soil salinisation and waterlogging) that southern Murray-Darling Basin irrigators were addressing through industry-based programs.

His research interests now extend to ecological economics, institutional economics, and common property studies. His current work focuses on community-based natural resource management (NRM), particularly where cooperation from farmers is important.

Graham is author of Economics for Collaborative Environmental Management: Renegotiating the Commons (Earthscan 2005). He leads the project ‘Improving economic accountability when using decentralised, collaborative approaches to environmental decisions’, and recently completed the projects 'Nesting community-based NRM for regional accountability and grassroots cooperation' and (with Dr Ian Patrick) ‘Linking smallholders and agribusiness: Social capital and rural development in eastern Indonesia’.

Graham received the 2003 PhD Research Award from the Australian Agricultural and Resource Economics Society for his thesis Crafting cooperation in the commons: An economic analysis of prospects for collaborative environmental governance.

Recent Projects

Nesting community-based NRM for regional accountability and grassroots cooperation

Linking Smallholders and Agribusiness: Social Capital and Rural Development in Eastern Indonesia (with Dr Ian Patrick)

Improving Economic Accountability when using Decentralised, Collaborative Approaches to Environmental Decisions

Contact: gmarshal@une.edu.au

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